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Lock changeYou have a choice of lock change service available in your area but all of your needs and expectations can be fulfilled if you opt for Maple locksmith master services. Here customers are given priority and focus is laid upon the needs of the customer.

The 24 hours lock change service has the experience of providing you with the right service at right time with a right price tag. Your needs and requirements will be satisfied.


  • Lockout services
  • Home lockout
  • Auto lockout
  • Lock repair
  • Lock re-key or reset
  • Keycard lock
  • Master key replacement

It is very important to change any faulty locks of doors or windows, kitchen cabinets, bathroom cabinets, etc. Or if you require to make your house, office or any other place more secure and safe you can always look forward to 24/7 emergency lock change services. It is quite necessary to keep the whole place safe whether it is day time or night time and ordinary lock are easily breakable which leaves your surroundings unsafe for you. If you have safety issues or problems with your lock do not hesitate to contact us and your problem will be solved in just a few hours time.

  • High security commercial locks
  • Locks for business and indastrial stores
  • Luggage lock and Padlocks
  • 5 and 3 Lever locks
  • Door closers and Combination lock
  • Knobsets and deadbolts
  • Garage Door Repair
  • Biometric, Digital Code and Keyless entry

You can benefit from our lock change if your house locks out or you want to change the locks of your doors and windows to make them more secure areas or you want to change locks of your cabinets that don’t work properly. You can also change your garage’s lock to make your garage area safe. Hence, Maple locksmith master is a kind of necessity for your safety.our key. There is always danger of thieves and robbers entering your house so keep yourself and your loved ones under safe atmosphere.

  • Emergency break-ins and Burglary Repairs
  • Broken key removal
  • Tumbler and Filing Cabinet
  • Frame door repair
  • window / Gate / fencing
  • Child safety lock
  • Car lock change

If for instance, you lost your keys or forget your keys inside your home or work place you can call our locksmiths in maple ontario and ask for a lock change or a lock re-key because they are always ready to help you in the best way possible without causing you any extra troubles at all. A lock that doesn’t work correctly can cause a big hassle for every one so it is necessary to get it right as soon as possible to avoid any problems.

You should always keep a 24/7 lock change service number with you so that in case of emergency you can call for help. The particular service is available for your 24 Hour locksmith so you will not have to wait till the morning if you forget to take your house keys with you.  The service provided by Maple locksmith can be trusted and the service provided by the company are always upto the required standards and marks.

Therefore, we can say that the 24 hours services provided by Maple locksmith can be 100% trusted. The services they offer are pretty much affordable and besides affordability you will be assured that you can relax and forget any worried related to security as our locksmith is known for creating very high quality security locks. 

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